Multimedia | Fellows Symposium: Meeting the Challenges of Sustainable Development in a Changing World

May, 04 2011

The Earth Institute Fellows Program is a premier postdoctoral program for those seeking a better understanding of critical scientific and social issues in sustainable development. The program provides postdoctoral scholars with an opportunity to enhance the foundation in one of The Earth Institute's core disciplines while, at the same time, acquiring the cross-disciplinary experience and breadth needed to understand and address the causes and consequences of issues like poverty, hunger, disease and environmental degradation.

Session I

2:40 -- Drought Prediction Using Old Trees in Southeast Asia: Skill and Value (Andrew Bell)
19:35 -- Analysis of Trade as a Driver of Oil Palm Expansion: The Implications for Cultivation of Peatland (Alexandra Morel)
35:15 -- A 30-year High-resolution Model Reanalysis of Dust and Climate for the Meningitis Belt (Carlos Perez Garcia Pando)
56:23 -- Shared Solar: Micro-utility Using Mobile Phone-based Prepayment (Daniel Soto)
1:14:30 -- Panel 1 Q & A

Session II

1:24:18 -- Household Assets and Participation in Millennium Villages Project: Poverty Interventions in Mwandama, Malawi (Hope Michelson)
1:42:38 -- Institutions and Violence: a Micro-level Perspective to Participation in Civil War (Ana M. Arjona)
2:00:54 -- Paying for What Was Free: Lessons from the New York Times Pay Structure for Online Content (Shahzeen Attari)
2:14:40 -- Panel 2 Q & A

Closing Remarks

John Mutter, Earth Institute Fellows Program